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 Business Anaylsis

We spend the necessary time with you to thoroughly understand your organisations strategic model. This allows us to formulate a detailed understanding of who your customers are, why they engage or purchase from you and the marketing channels that they use. This analysis allows us to fully understand the inner workings of your organisation so that we can effectively position your web solution infront of your customers.

personaCustomer Persona Creation

This allows us to establish who your customers are, what they wish to do on your website and how they behave when interacting with it.

content-strategyContent Strategy & Information Architecture

We work closely with you and your marketing team to plan, carefully consider and help govern the useful and beneficial content on your website (text, images and videos). Careful strategic planning of content on your website at an early stage can be hugely beneficial to the final outcome and delivery of your product.  

mappingInteraction Design

Once we have established who your customers are and the best ways for them to use your website, we start planning your interaction diagrams, customer journey maps, flowcharts and site maps. This strategic process will help to build the best possible structure for your website allowing your customer to flow through the entire process as seamlessly as possible.

usability-testingUsability Testing & Evaluation

We can comprehensively user test your existing website or application, thus determining exactly what you are doing right and more importantly what you are doing wrong. These findings are all outlined in a detailed report allowing you to decide on the next best course of action. This will help you to decide whether a simple few tweaks to the existing site are needed or the development of a far more robust and superior product.

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